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Bordeaux Blend

Professor Black 2017


Membership Price : R280

The  Sauvignon  Blanc  hailed  from  a  17-year-old  vineyard  site  in  Darling  growing  on  deep-red  Hutton  and  Clovelly  soils.  The  block  is  situated  in  the  well-known  Darling  Hills  on  a  western  slope,  13  [...]

Bordeaux Blend

Trilogy 2014


Membership Price : R320

The wine shows classic examples of a Bordeaux styled wine grown in South Africa, although less powerful and forward than other recent vintages.  The aromatics include red cherries and jasmine supported by [...]

Bordeaux Blend

Trilogy Magnum 2012


Membership Price : R640

The wine displays an intense ruby red colour. The bouquet is reminiscence of cherries, blackcurrants and has tones of dark chocolate. The palate is full bodied with firm but silky tannins. [...]

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