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Are you part of the ABC club? Cancel your membership. If you've been avoiding Chardonnay, because oak isn's your thing, do a pivot here. Our First Lady Chardonnay 2018 is made ia a lean style with distinctive minerality.

The First Lady Range

The First Lady Rosé 2018


Membership Price : R64

Elegance, balance and fresh fruit flavours translate into pink perfection. Our First Lady Rosé has a refreshing alcohol level of only 11% and is versatile enough to pair with salmon and eggs benny for breakfast; to a roasted chicken dinner.


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Suitasbly flash yet elegantat the same time the Warwick First lady Cabernet Sauvignon is a rollercoaster of excitement. This perennial ovearachiever is laced  with cherries, dark brooding chocolate, blackberries and licorice all with a twist of leather right at the end.This wine is so full of flavour enen your granny will do cartwheels. Smooth and exciting , you'lbe lip smacking another glass until another  is poured. RS:3.7 g.l / TA: 5.8g.l / PH: 3.56 / ALC: 13%

The First Lady Range

The First Lady Box


Membership Price : R816

This 12 bottle case is a mixture of your favourite First Ladies including three First Lady Sauvignon Blanc, three First Lady Unoaked Chardonnay, three First Lady dry Rosé and three First Lady Cabernet Sauvignon plus four recipe cards.


Membership Price : R128

Effortlessy elegant, balanced, teeth tingling acidity, a delicate alcohol level of 11%. All these elements create a wine so dangerously drinkable, that we have to prevent our team tastings turning into an instant party. The nose is a burst of fresh fruit while the palate is so bracingly dry that you want another sip instantly. As a food match, we recommend just about anything.


Membership Price : R144

Vines are a bit like people. That is why we have chosen the vibrant younger vines for this energetic Cabernet, so that the grapes deliver a wine that is full of life and perhaps a little cheeky...

The First Lady Range

The Rosé and Rum Cocktail Kit


Membership Price : R800

This summer we’ve collaborated with local craft rum, Copeland Rum to bring you two cocktails with Warwick First Lady dry Rosé. In the kit you will receive four bottles of First Lady Rosé Magnums, one bottle of Copeland Rum and two cocktail recipe cards all for only R1000!

The First Lady Range

The Summer Kit


Membership Price : R1184

Ensure poolside happiness this summer by getting the ultimate SUMMER KIT! R1480 per pack gets you four magnums of Warwick First Lady dry Rosé, one bottle of Copeland Rum (750ml), two recipes for delicious Rum & Rosé cocktails: Tropical Rosé Mojito & Hibiscus & Strawberry Rosé Daiquiri and six-bottles of First Lady Sauvignon Blanc, food-pairing recipe included in the box.

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