The Blue Lady 2015


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The single vineyard was hand-harvested over a period of four days. Harvest began in the early morning and stopped before the temperatures reached 28 °C. Bunches of grapes were destemmed,gently crushed, and hand-sorted. A seven-day cold-soak was done to extract colour before fermentation,commenced. An isolated yeast culture from Bordeaux was added and a warm short fermentation was done with daily pump-overs and two rack-and-returns. Following fermentation the wine was left on the skins for a week for the tannins to polymerise. A light pressing was done after which the wine underwent malolactic fermentation in stainless  steel tanks .Ageing took place medium and light toast French oak barrels .The wine was bottled with a light filtration and kept in bottle for 12 months before release.

Remember, the minimum order is 6 bottles of wine. And orders must be in increments of 6 thereafter. Magnums can be ordered as singles.

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