The First Lady Cabernet 2017


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Suitasbly flash yet elegantat the same time the Warwick First lady Cabernet Sauvignon is a rollercoaster of excitement. This perennial ovearachiever is laced  with cherries, dark brooding chocolate, blackberries and licorice all with a twist of leather right at the end.This wine is so full of flavour enen your granny will do cartwheels. Smooth and exciting , you’lbe lip smacking another glass until another  is poured. RS:3.7 g.l / TA: 5.8g.l / PH: 3.56 / ALC: 13%

Remember, the minimum order is 6 bottles of wine. And orders must be in increments of 6 thereafter. Magnums can be ordered as singles.

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